What they say about us...

I have been going to Renee's circuit classes for four years and one on one training for three years. Renee has really helped me achieve my goals in weight loss, healthier eating, fitness and strength, going from hating any form of exercise to loving it.

She is super friendly, caring, extremely passionate about her work and keen to help through any issues, including still training me throughout my pregnancy. She has been a big part of changing my life for the better mentally, emotionally and physically. Thanks Renee, best trainer ever!

Circuit class is awesome! Fun and enjoyable for all fitness levels and ages. Renee and her circuit class has helped me to lose 20kgs. Chantelle

"Renee for the last three years has organised circuit fitness classes attended by many in Golden Bay. She offers inspiration and motivation to all who attend. She coaxes us out of our comfort zones and challenges us to reach greater fitness levels. Her cheerful encouragement makes her classes fun.


Her classes are busy but she always manages to help everyone throughout the class. No matter what size or shape we are or how we execute the tasks Renee sets us, she manages to get the best from everyone and makes us feel good about ourselves and our achievements.  Renee has helped so many people." Cheryl

I was over weight and unhappy with the way I was feeling about my body when I approached Renee.

After a shared session with a friend, I knew that Renee could help me achieve my goals.


My weight has fluctuated my whole life and having a love of food I struggled to find a healthy balance where I could enjoy food and enjoy physical health as well.

I have always enjoyed sports so going to gym and circuit was a challenge I took to with vigor but the weight loss was the real challenge!


Basically, I shared all my issues that I was battling with in regards to my relationship with food. Together we grew to trust each other and we/I just went for it!

Together we found tools to combat some of the demons that were holding me back and learning to enjoy food as a way of nourishing, strengthening and enjoying guilt-free.

Next minute I was signed up to my first 10km run and then a number of half marathons and my biggest and most rewarding was completing a 25km trail run.

During this process, I lost 18 kilos.


Renee grew to know me, my strengths, my weaknesses and my excuses. What I have liked about Renee is that she has taken the time to get to know me and each session feels tailor made to fit my current goals. I'm not sure when I will reach my goal in my mind as the goal post seems to keep moving, but what I have learnt with Renee beside me is that I can control my health and I have the tools to live without the fear of being out of control again.

Three years on and I am committed to a life long journey of health and fitness and more importantly I am able to do it with a happy family balance. Deb

Can't thank you enough Renee for what you have done for us. We now feel healthier than ever and are super motivated to continue. We thoroughly enjoy circuit classes and look forward to the professional personal training sessions. Your energy and positiveness is contagious! Sacha and Paul

Just sending out a massive thank you to my awesome PT Renee Riley.I have been attending her sessions for three years. When I first started with Renee this was the first time I had ever trained with a PT.


She pushes me above and beyond my own fitness level which has been good and even got me running!! Always seemed a dream to me!!Renee is very knowledgable and understanding in tailoring her training sessions to achieve personal goals.


I would highly recommend anyone looking to achieve fitness goals to have a PT session with her!! Training sessions are a lot of fun!! Sandy

Bay Fitness & Renee Riley have had a huge impact on the entire Golden Bay community. We are a diverse group and Renee is able to motivate and challenge each individual accordingly.


I contacted Renee for 1-1 training to assist in my preparations for the Coast to Coast. Exceeding expectations, Renee's professional assessment and training program allowed me to develop in my areas of weakness and improve overall strength and endurance. Renee's personal training offers unwavering support and all the tools to achieve personal goals. Her enthusiasm and passion for fitness is contagious. Steve

Renee's circuit training combines the best of strength training and aerobic workouts to music. She watches each person train, has good attention to detail and motivates each person to do their utmost with good posture and great results. I have lost weight, had fun, made new friends, gained muscle and am generally fitter and healthier. Thanks Nicola

Before I started going to Renee’s circuit classes I had no motivation or interest in fitness. I loved her classes straight away and found a passion in running. Soon enough I noticed changes in myself, both physically and mentally. Renee was full of information and always giving me tips. She became a major support person for me. I copied what I learnt from her in classes and started doing mini circuits at home too. She was pressuring me to take a fitness course which I was unsure about. I finally took it and am happier than ever, doing something I love everyday with people who share the same passion as me.


I now do my work experience with Renee. After shadowing her with her clients and watching her programming, I have realised even more how much of excellent trainer she is. She pays a huge amount of attention to each client, writing every plan from scratch to meet their goals. She is extremely caring and sensitive to each client’s individual needs. I strongly believe her style of training and attitude to health is what the fitness industry needs more of. I have a huge amount of respect for her and am continually learning. I couldn’t thank her enough for everything she has done for me, as she has had a major impact on my life.