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Personal training begins with a relaxed meeting where we will discuss your goals and reasons for contacting us. We will then go into depth as to how we might achieve these goals going forward. 


Also in this consult, we will do any applicable strength, flexibility, mobility, postural and movement screening. No need to worry; this is so we can be sure we are creating a strength program that fits to your body and it's needs. We may talk about nutrition and any changes that could help with your goals as well. 


From there on you have us by your side as long as you need. 


There are many options for personal training. We now offer "Mini Group Training" sessions. These groups are made up of 3-4 people of your choice. These groups are proving very successful as you are not only accountable to me but the rest of your group, also it's fun to be achieving your goals with others you trust. 


Of course there is always 1:1 training and 2:1 training as well. 

After getting frustrated with clients not getting the long term results they work so hard for, with the nutrition information I was able to provide I went in search of a new qualification I could do to give them all the answers. Because I can get a quick result from many different approaches, but that doesn't mean that those approaches are going to stick long term, or that it's healthy. 


The trouble is, there is so much information about what we should/shouldn't eat, how much we should exercise and when, that it's so hard to know what's best for each individual. Because that's the thing - we are all individuals!

Luckily I have been introduced to the latest in genetic testing tools to get a clear profile of what we each need. PH360 combines information from 15 different sciences and uses 10,000 data points to calculate the best diet, exercise, timing, mind health, social situations and work that fits with your body to ensure you're getting the most out of your life!


In September I completed the Mastery Series Weekend for PH360. Since then I've had 2 sessions a week of coaching from experts in the in getting the most out of PH360, so I can help you to get the most out of it too. 

Personally I've had huge success on the program, losing 7kg now and powering out work like I've never done before, without stress. I was sure that I wouldn't get rid of the last weight after having my third baby. But doing PH360's recommendations just felt right. I won't be looking back. 

If you'd like a taste of what PH360 can do for you please try the Free Health Type Test 

I also run regular six week group coaching courses to introduce epigenetics and the platform we use to support you with a personalised program called Uniquely You.

If you're interested in Personal Training or Health Coaching with no pressure please just get in contact. I have a range of payment option with: 30, 45, 60 min options and I'm increasingly taking on online clients! No limitations with location anymore. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

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The Bay Fitness Team