Bay Fitness has raised over $20,000 for our community

Over the last eight years, there have been many opportunities for me to give back and use large group exercise classes and community events to raise money for those in our community in need. Our community loves helping each other out, and getting in a workout for the generosity is a great bonus. 

We raised money for 

Margaret Stewart House

Two families in need when disaster struck

Many vouchers for fundraising

Also, we took on the great challenge of raising enough money for five AED's to be put at our local halls and meeting points, I'm extremely proud to say we achieved this with the help of some incredible donations and support for the fundraising opportunities we had.  


There are now AED's at

Pakawau Beach Camp

Aorere Hall (Bay Fitness)

Bainham Shop

Maungarakau Swamp

Puponga Camping Ground