How we role...

Circuit (60mins)

This simple structure has been popular in Collingwood since 2011. We move through 10 exercises, mixing up the intensity with 50 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. Over 5-6 weeks of the same program gives you enough time to master and improve.  A very appropriate beginners class.

Strong Move (60 mins)

This class is planned to incorporate strength with mobility. Working through many planes of movement and lifting techniques so you can lift heavy and feel amazing! 

HIIT the week and HIIT the weekend  (45mins max)

A high-intensity interval training class. Don't be intimidated by the sound of that, as you will always be the one in control of the intensity you do. This class is a mixture, we use all sorts of exercises using bodyweight and various equipment to ensure you're working your entire body. 


Ultimate Boxing (45-60mins)

Using a mix of traditional boxing and box fit for a high-intensity class. We incorporating strength, agility, cardio, core for great variety and fun!

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Unlimited Monthly Classes and Gym

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