Bay Fitness has continually grown in members since being established in 2011 from humble Circuit classes for the mum's at the Local Play Centre to a gym facility and multiple personal training and group session location across Golden Bay. It is now not only me trying to juggle all these services and the 100 members we have. I have an awesome up and coming team which I'm very grateful for.


As a team our mission is to provide the quality services and education that our community needs to be healthy and happy. We want everyone to be able to live life to the fullest into all the way into their "Golden Years" with independence and strength. 

Renee Riley - Director of Bay Fitness


My passion is helping people reach their strength, fitness, health and in turn, their life goals. I have been where you are now, either preparing for competitions/events or feeling negative towards my body and in a place where I need to lose weight and get fit. It is this experience that helps me connect with clients and members with a realistic view on how fitness and nutrition can fit into someone's lifestyle.


My hobbies include a love strength training, boxing, running (for my head), mountain biking, exploring new places, challenging my body and mind by learning new skills. 


When I was younger I competed in rep level Hockey, also coaching and running sporting events. When I finished school I went to study at New Zealand Institute of Sport, where I gained a Diploma in Sport (Exercise Prescription). There, I had the opportunity to work in a "big box gym". Although the people were lovely and I gained some fantastic experience, I felt that Personal Training in that environment was not for me. I was very keen to gain some more life experience before I got into Personal Training as a business for myself. 


During this time off I had two beautiful girls and got some real-life experience in what it feels like to have to lose the extra 30+kgs of extra weight I gained during and after pregnancy. Then my husband and I had the amazing opportunity to move to Golden Bay and live on his family farm. This was my chance to start the business I had always dreamed of having and be of service to this incredible community. 


I began by running Circuits at the local school hall then began Personal Training clients from home and since had another little girl. Now Bay Fitness is located at the Aorere (Rockville) Hall which I lease and run all my services from. Over the last 7 years, I have gained a community of over 150 active members in little ol' Collingwood. These members drive me every day to provide a service that fits for as many people as possible to be able to exercise, get strong and increase the chances of a healthy long life.  


In recent years I've been frustrated by the conflicting information about diet and exercise, there's so many fad diets out there and a lot of pressure to eat a certain way one day and different the next. Last year I was introduced to Personalised Health. This has transformed the way I see people and how I can help them. By using your genes to identify how your body is functioning now we can work out the best way for your body to Eat, Exercise, Socialise, Perform, get the most out of your environment and most importantly yourself, for the future. 


I use an in-depth assessment which produces a personalised program on a handy computer app called PH360 just for you, no more guessing about what you should be eating, what exercise is best for you and most importantly when.  


I look forward to meeting you and helping you with your individual journey with health and fitness.


In Strength and Wellness

Renee Riley


Exercise NZ Small Group trainer of the year 2016

Exercise NZ Community Award 

REPS Registers Personal Trainer

SMEAEP Endorsed Exercise Programs

Diploma in Sport (Exercise Prescription)

Certificate in Exercise Prescription and Sport Management

Endorsed PH360 Health Coach

Certificate in Small Business Management

Certificate in Ante-Natal Core Training

Certificate in Positive Practice for the Pelvic Floor

Certificate in Nutrition for children

Jess Miller: Coach

Hey, all I am working as a personal trainer and class instructor at Bayfitness.


I am a born and bred Collingwood girl and almost finished building my own house here as well. I am the proud mum of Eli who is one clever kid and loves to be at the gym boxing alongside me. We also have a chill puppy called Thunder.


I work full time at healthpost and in my spare time, you will find me at the gym, supporting our rugby boys, at the beach with Eli or spending time with family and friends.


I have almost finished my personal training qualification and then I jump into the group fitness certificate. I enjoy my time at the gym, having some laughs, pushing our bodies and creating healthy habits alongside my clients.


Angel Carr: Coach

My name is Angel I am 43 with a husband and two teenage boys.  I have always had body image issues and my weight has yoyo'd throughout my life at the age of 18 I was 15 stone and a size 20.  It was very hard to deal with my weight when all my friends were slim and could eat whatever they wanted.  It took a total lifestyle change to start my weight loss journey but I just stuck with it and worked through when it got tough I pushed through as I saw the weight coming off it motivated me to continue, I ended up at 10 stone and a size 10 I was great having a new body, new-found energy and the strength of character to know I had overcome my problems and could step into the life I had always dreamed of, I was signed with a modelling agency and was cast in some small TV parts.  It was then I met my husband, we have two children with each pregnancy I gained back 5 stone and went through the process of losing it again.  It's hard juggling life and and children and without the knowledge in my back pocket I dropped into using severe dieting techniques to keep my weight manageable. 


When I hit 40 I decided I wanted to deal with my lack of body confidence by changing my appearance.  After moving to Golden Bay I embarked on training to compete in a bodybuilding competition.  I came 2nd in that competition but I learned so much about myself while going through this process which required an immense amount of self-control and focus.  The training was fun and I loved the challenge however some of the techniques used prior to the show were not very healthy it made me rethink my whole thought process and the realisation my body image issue is inside and not what I see on the outside this for me is ongoing shadow work.   After competing I decided to retrain as a Personal Trainer so I am equipped with the knowledge to both help myself and others through their health and fitness journey.


I love to move to dance and move my body.  I have a passion for resistance training I love feeling strong and healthy.  

As humans, we are created with limitless potential to create our own reality if we can align our mind, body, spirit and nurture ourselves as a whole.


My ethos is to challenge the body to its full potential, we have the capacity to adapt to whatever is thrown at us so what seems hard to achieve now we will adapt and thrive and gain an immense amount of satisfaction from claiming ourselves back.  Nourishment both for the body and mind and throw away any limiting thoughts to allow our soul to reside in a happy healthy body.

I look forward to supporting you in your own personal journey to health and wellness. 


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